Luachadh air Seirbheis Tagraidh Armailteach seAp: Aithisg air Toraidhean Tràth

Dàmhair, 2018

This report provides interim findings of the evaluation, highlighting the impact which the service is having and providing learning points to enhance seAp’s offering.


mAs came about in recognition of a gap in specialist provision for military veterans and their families. It is a service which recognises the complexity of its clients’ needs, and seeks to provide more intense, specialist support than is available elsewhere. mAs aims to be a more open and flexible service, capable of addressing a wide range of issues. It offers a practical and resilience building model of support, designed to empower individuals who engage with the service to find solutions and deal with their life issues, whatever they may be, in order to help them get their lives back on course. mAs endeavour to ‘walk alongside’ all clients, assisting them in navigating the myriad of agencies and services available to them. seAp strongly believe in the power of its peerdelivered military advocacy model to transform people’s lives, and wish for it to become a statutory service which would be available to all veterans in England.


SERIO and University of Plymouth, 2018. An Evaluation of seAp's Military Advocacy Service: Early Findings Report.

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